About Us

Sutton and I (Angie) live in Charlotte, NC and have 3 wonderful, cuddly cats. I’m a graphic designer and in my free time, I enjoy yoga, gardening, walking, hiking, reading, and of course, blogging! Sutton is a web manager and software developer by day and guitar player by night. His other interests are economics, philosophy, martial arts, and Permaculture.

We are both really into nutrition! See the Resources page for links to some of our favorite sources. We went to a Pescetarian diet (with small amounts of dairy/eggs) in October 2012. Around January 2013, we cut out all dairy and eggs and tried to keep our sushi outings to once a month. However, it wasn’t until we saw the Earthlings video in August 2013 that we made the switch to Vegan. After seeing animal slaughter houses and animals being tortured, I have no desire to eat meat or any animal products. Even the dairy farmers were torturing their cows. It’s SO sad! I couldn’t watch the whole video, so I just skimmed it, watching a few clips here and there.