Reviewing Recipes

Generally, the person who made the recipe is the one reviewing it. So it’s no surprise that it’s going to be positive! They are enticing you to try their recipe, hoping to get you hooked, and interested in buying a cookbook. Or if it’s a blog, they want you to subscribe and make their blog more popular, for love or money (or both!). I’m not saying there is anything wrong going on here. These people are making a living on their genuine passion for food and cooking. And I sincerely admire and applaud them!

That said, I see the need for more reviews of individual recipes. Yes, I have seen a few sites out there with rated recipes. But they are not vegan!! I’m the type of person who likes to try out a lot of different recipes. There are only a handful of recipes that I will make over and over because they were just that good! So, in order to receive a 5 star rating from Sutton and I, they need to fall in this category. If it’s a 1 star rating, we are throwing it away and ordering take out.

So to sum it up, I created this site because it’s something that I wish already existed. Something to help me weed through the sea of recipes and find the great ones! For me, the “great ones” are ones that taste great, take 1 hour or less to make, serve at least 4, reheat well, and have a process that is not complicated or frustrating. I have spent hours looking through recipes, and came up with this list of Tips to help others with their searches. This site is also meant to help by giving honest feedback about the recipes. And I want it not just from myself, but also from YOU!